5 Most Famous Canadian Gamblers

Daniel Negreanu

The gambling industry is becoming more popular worldwide, and Canada is no exception. With all the modern technology that gives you instant access to everything, it would be a great disappointment for Canadian players not to take full advantage of them.

Today you don’t have to worry about finding an open casino whenever you feel like playing. All you have to do is sign up at an online casino in Canada and have fun on the spot.

But do you want to know a little secret of ours? As they say, “Learn from the best to become the best.” We’ve compiled a list of the most famous Canadian gamblers. Their stories will surely inspire you to become a gambling industry pro and take the biggest winnings home.

Canada is the homeland of some of the most legendary casino players, especially when we talk about poker. First offline, then online, these people managed to conquer the casino industry and prove that Canada is a country of opportunities.

Do you want to be part of this list in the future? Master the skills to beat everyone and become a leader by setting an example.

If you are already on the way to becoming the most famous Canadian player, I guess we should contact you. But first, let us show you the most famous Canadian Gamblers.

1. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu has set a high plank in the casino world, being one of the most famous names among Canadian gamers. Ups, not only Canadian but actually around the whole globe.

Daniel Negreanu moneyHe started his career at 16 by playing Poker in special game rooms and has mastered his skills by winning big and proving his abilities to deceive opponents repeatedly.

Can you guess what being the top Canadian Poker player gets you? You can have 42$ million and be admitted to the Poker Hall of Fame. All you have to do is win 6 World Series of Poker bracelets, 2 World Poker Tour Championships, and the PokerGo Cup (by the way, it happened in 2021- proving that he still strives to play Poker) to prove your worth and become famous. After that, as Daniel Negreanu did, you can enjoy the fame, start making Netflix documentaries and participate in TV shows.

Players who had the opportunity to sit at the same table as Daniel never fail to mention his power to stare you down and talk during the game to psych you out. And the best part is that Daniel still attends Poker tournaments, mostly online, and keeps shocking the casino audience with his results and performances.

With an indisputable reputation, Daniel spends a part of his funds and raises money for charity causes. His success story motivates casino enthusiasts and proves that working hard towards your goals is worth it. If someone keeps carrying the Toronto name and the Canada flag worldwide, it will surely be Daniel.

2. Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel

Following the path of Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel is a Canadian player famous for winning top Poker tournaments. Jonathan won his titles fair and square, using the best techniques to outsmart other players.
While he doesn’t have a money account as big as Negreanu’s, Jonathan is believed to have achieved $18 million worth of winnings over the years. Duhamel won 3 Word Series of Poker bracelets and has established his reputation with 26 money finishes at the World Series of Poker Tournaments.

In short, Duhamel won 102,000$ in the World Poker Tournament in Montreal in 2017, went home in 2018 from this tournament in Las Vegas with more than 70,000$, and keeps competing today in several online Poker Tournaments.

While Jonathan Duhamel doesn’t have the same list of achievements as Negreanu, his fame and willingness to win will help him reach the top. After establishing his name in the casino world, Duhamel is considered one of the most famous Canadian gamblers. His name still figures in the Canadian casino world and gets his opponents on edge.

3. Guy Laliberté

Guy Laliberté

Though the most famous Canadian gamblers donate money to charities regularly, no one comes as close as Guy Laliberté.

Guy Laliberté became rich after co-founding Cirque de Soleil. Well, not just rich- but a billionaire. Even though he didn’t make his fortune playing casino games, he still has a remarkable reputation and proved worth noticing.

With money like this, Laliberté didn’t waste any time and started competing in high-stakes Poker Tournaments (pretty self-explanatory, why play around with little money when you can bet big?). We are not talking about a self-made wealthy man who wants to spend money just for fun. Guy Laliberté mastered unimaginable Poker skills and won his first prize at Bellagio Casino, which was worth 696,220$.

Not only did Guy compete in these championships, but he also organized certain high-stakes tournaments with 1$ million buy-ins and a grand prize of 18$ million.

At the same time, a huge amount of winnings went to Laliberté’s charity foundation – the One Drop Foundation. One tournament brought this organization more than 5$ million- more precisely, a total of 5,333,328$ were donated to the charity.

If you want to become one of the top famous Canadian gamblers, don’t forget to play your part in charities. While this is not mandatory, no one loves selfish players who win big and spend their fortune on personal stuff.

4. Matthew Perry

While Matthew Perry was born in the US, he has raised in Canada all his life and has dual citizenship.

Maybe you know him as the famous Chandler Bing from Friends, but gamblers in Canada know his name from other circumstances. Even today, Matthew Perry regularly competes in online casino tournaments and gives a huge amount of his winning to charities.

Matthew Perry didn’t win big titles like Daniel Negreanu or Jonathan Duhamel, but the only reason was his desire not to show off and mix his career with casino life. This Canadian player still hits the offline casino tables and keeps winning big money but doesn’t like any notes about it in the media.

Matthew competed in Celebrity Poker Showdown, proving his skills, and applied them regularly, competing in Poker Championships online.

As reported by some sources, Matthew Perry keeps the same track as his fellow Canadian players. He donates money to charities regularly, although we don’t know which part comes exactly from playing and winning at Poker.

Evelyn Ng5. Evelyn Ng

Let’s bet you don’t always see girls starting playing Poker at 14 and becoming pros in 3 years. Evelyn is precisely one of these girls. She keeps competing in several online tournaments and proves that women are as good as men in Poker.

We surely can’t hesitate to include her as one of the most famous women and Canadian gamblers in the Poker World. Evelyn Ng has risen to the top after performing at the WSOP Main Event and ranking 238th out of 6,844 participants.

It is worth mentioning that she dated Daniel Negreanu almost 20 years ago. Hard to even imagine what a great match this pair could have been (their kids would have beat everyone in school at Poker).

After competing in several Poker Tournaments, Evelin Ng has a total amount of 375,000$ in winnings. As we write this article, Evelin will surely add more to these winnings by competing in online and offline Poker casino games.

In Canada, she is famous for an overly-aggressive playing style that scares her opponents. We guess they don’t expect these moves from a woman, but this proves never to trust appearances.

You Can Become One of the Top Canadian Gamblers

One thing that we hope to achieve through this article is to make you believe that everything is possible. Whenever you think online casino games are a waste of time, remember the most famous Canadian gamblers and their path to success.

Gambling online or offline always comes with some risks, but the excitement of winning is unmatched. Let Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel, Guy Laliberté, Matthew Perry, and Evelyn Ng- set an example of having fun by playing casino games and building a fortune.

Become the best by learning from the best! You can be the next Canadian player on this list and can prove to the world how casinos are a safe place for gaming enthusiasts. Write down all the tricks and tips from these players’ journeys and enjoy your adventure.


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