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Casino MaryMy name is Mary, and as a former casino croupier, I’ll share expertise and valuable information that you can take for free. Read reviews, guides, and tips, and use my recommended list of the best online casinos.

How to Get Started with Online Casinos is an online gateway crafted out of my very own highly experienced tenure as a casino croupier that could stand as a beacon for new and seasoned navigators in the world of online gambling.

It is not only about finding a place to play but also about finding a site that treats you well as a player, understands the subtleties of the online gambling business, and finds fun.

Here, you will only find articles that should deepen your online gambling experience and ensure you are fully armed to enjoy every game, bet, and casino you encounter.

For further aspects of what makes a quality online gambling experience, make sure you do not skip visiting our UK and Canada sections based on your location.

Getting started with online casinos can be interesting but unnerving for a beginner. To make those first steps easier, pick a reputable casino with a license and a wide game selection. Read through the T&Cs, especially the requirements for wagering bonuses.

Test what you feel comfortable with, for example, playing slots or table games. You may test them in a demo version, where the test will be without risk, and no real money is involved.

Always have a budget for your gambling activities so they stay fun and remain a safe experience.

Why Trust Casino Mary?

I’ve created Casino Mary to give players a reliable source for finding quality online casinos. My expertise in online gambling allows me to determine which casinos are worth one’s time and money and what makes for a great online gambling experience.

Mary HendersonSo far, I’ve tested hundreds of casino sites, made many comparisons, and established a ranking system through which I can filter out the best online casinos. I’ve ensured all these casinos are 100% safe and legit and provide high-quality games and rewarding bonuses.

With the mushrooming of the online gambling world, finding reliable help and an information source becomes like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where steps into the picture. Founded and headed by ex-casino croupier Mary, most of our platform prioritizes satisfying players’ appetites.

Below are some reasons that make an intelligent option for the online casino adventure.

Expertise and Experience

Having worked as a casino croupier at many casinos, Mary has an ‘inside take’ on gambling. Contact with customers enabled her to fully realize and communicate the complex rules of the casino games and the importance of adequately treating customers. This experience will go a long way toward a better comprehension of gambling. At, Mary is the head of things. Hence, advice and recommendations based on know-how and how-tos are obtainable in the books.

Commitment to Fairness and Transparency

The length of our research and reviewing procedure on every online casino is enormous, and we expect to present its good sides as well as its bad points. Our reviews are honest and objective, and we aspire to inform you of the truth. We stick to the most vital aspects of licensed and regulated casinos’ work on fair play principles while providing you with a good and safe possibility to enjoy the game.

Tailored Recommendations makes personal recommendations for you. Whether you are a crazy fan of slot games, table games, or live dealer casinos, on our recommendation, play according to your preference and interest. Our recommendations are based on intensive research and analysis factoring in across the game selection, bonuses, customer support, and, most notably, mobile compatibility.

Player-Centric Approach

Our site offers guidance on how to place limits and what risks are involved and gives aid to those in need. We call upon a balanced attitude toward gaming to remain the source of entertainment, not the cause of stress.

Up-to-Date and Informed

The fad of online gaming continues to hold us in a twirl, with new game types continually introduced along with changes in regulation and technology. keeps you ahead of all changes and informs you of the latest news, trends, and peeks from the whole industry.

We regularly revise the content to keep you posted with recent information only.