Best UK Online Casinos 2022

Casino MaryThere are thousands of UK casinos online and choosing the best UK online casino is always a question of taste and safety. While I cannot vouch for your taste, I can give you the information and the facts. I can show you how online casinos work and how to choose safe online casinos. Read my online casino guide and find out more about online casinos, how to play legal online casino games and how to choose the best internet casino sites. Read online casino reviews, play free casino games and join a real money casino from our trusted top casino list.


How do Online Casinos Work?

In case you’ve ever wondered how online casinos work, you should know the concept is quite easy to grasp. Casinos on the internet are built as regular websites and they show content especially designed by gambling software providers, tailored to satisfy a huge number of online customers.

Another way of putting it would be that gambling sites are virtual formats of casino entertainment that are always available to us, anytime, day or night.

There are no opening hours and no restrictions for players in terms of dress code, but players are required to be of legal age just like in land-based casinos if they want to be registered account holders and place actual bets.

UK Online CasinosIn order to become a registered internet casino member, all you need to do is fill in a simple registration form, as you would on any website that you are hoping to interact with (do some shopping, make reservations etc.).

Most venues have a noticeable link toward the registration form, so the entire process doesn’t take more than a minute. The form will normally require you to enter some personal data like your name, address, email and that sort of stuff, but of course – it’s all private and eventually, you’ll only use your chosen username and a safe password to log in every time you visit the site.

You may need to wait a while for your account to be verified, as some online casinos demand SMS or email verification. After that, your new account will be activated and you’ll gain access to the entire virtual casino lobby where you can play popular games such as classic slots, video slots, video poker machines, table games and even scratch cards or bingo, depending on the casino’s portfolio.

Loading the games is easy, all you need to do is click on the thumbnail and in a matter of seconds, the game will start. Some casino websites will allow you to play for fun – play without wagering your own money, but you will only be winning and losing imaginary credits.

It’s necessary to make a deposit and fund your account if you want to bet and possibly win actual money. Go to the cashier’s page, select your payment method, follow the instructions, and you’ll have real money to play with on your casino account.

What are the top casinos in the UK?

Rank Casino Bonus Offer No. of Games Payout Speed Win Rate Play Online
1 Mansion Casino £500 1700 1-2 days 97.72% Play Now!
2 Dream Vegas £400 + 50 Bonus Spins 600+ 1 – 5 Days 98.1% Play Now!
3 Casumo £100 + 20 Bonus Spins 300+ 3 days 97.27% Play Now!
4 Mr Mega £50 500+ 1-2 days 97.23% Play Now!
5 Kassu Casino 100% up to £100 + 300 Bonus Spins 2000+ 1-5 95.67% Play Now!
6 All British Casino £100 200 1-2 days 96.68% Play Now!
7 No Bonus Casino 10% Cashback 1 – 3 Days 96.52% Play Now!
8 Cash Arcade Casino Up to 500 Free Spins 250+ 1-3 days 92.11% Play Now!
9 888 Casino £100 270 2 days 96.87% Play Now!
10 Play Zee £300 + 100 Spins 2000+ 0-3 days 96.85% Play Now!

How To Choose An Online Casino

Now that you have the basic idea of how online casinos work, you must be wondering how to actually choose one. Because let’s face it, there are hundreds of casino sites on the web and you only need to pick out several to play at.

Choosing an online casino doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Think of it as an investment – the more time you dedicate to finding just the right venue for you, the better your online gambling experience will be.

Choosing a random website is almost never a good idea. You should know what to expect and keep your interest directed at familiar brands, ones that already have a decent reputation among gamblers.

It’s good to ask yourself what aspects of a casino website are most important to you. Do you want a big choice of games? Do you value good bonuses the most? Does it matter if the online casino offers just a few payment methods? Is customer support available through live chat because you want to receive assistance immediately?

These are some of the potential issues that may help determine exactly what type of casino you’re looking for.

The one thing you should never forget when choosing an online casino is license and regulation. This should be your primary concern, a quality above others. If the casino site isn’t properly licensed you should stay away from it.

You can never be certain where your money is going and what kind of problems with the casino management you might have because the brand doesn’t have a valid license to offer gambling services online.

If there is no authority behind the casino to make sure everything is done in accordance with the law, you will risk your personal funds a lot more than you ever would in regulated play.

Best Online Casinos UK

When it comes to the best, there are a number of factors that determine the true standouts in any business. From sports teams to solicitors firms, there often seems to be a few select operators which can do what others cannot.

Competition is an essential component in how firms operate, and can often lead to the outstanding firms of today becoming the fallen giants of tomorrow.

Online casinos are not protected from this essential law. If you cannot evolve with the changes and demands of the day, you will eventually fall behind the pecking order.

There are a number of online casinos which have grown to massive prominence over the years, majorly on account of embracing what it means to be the best.

The software, choice of games, payment options site design and sportsbooks are the essential qualities of how the best casino sites will be judged by players and their competition.

While it may be tempting to simply focus on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to identifying the best casinos out there, there is little fun in that.

The best way to identify a top online casino from one which is essentially an idyllic pretender is to take it apart and build it back up again.

Comparison, as the old saying goes, may be the enemy of happiness, but when it comes to choosing the right casino, it is crucial.

Best UK Casinos List

🏆  Best Overall Casino: Regent Casino
🍁  Best Casino Bonus: Playzee Casino
🎰  Best For Slots: Videoslots
📱  Best App Experience: Casino Lab
🏦  Best For Jackpots: Videoslots
🔴  Best For Roulette: Regent Casino
🃏  Best For Blackjack: Race Casino
📱  Best For Mobile: Fun Casino
🆕  Best New Casino: Race Casino

What is an internet casino?

Anyone who has watched TV or movies for a few years will have come across a few scenes in their time with old gangsters and molls in casinos. These are, for internet casinos, where it all started.

The development of many of the games which came to prominence within the smoky halls of traditional casinos is the driving force for the revenue of many of the major operators in the UK.

Be it blackjack, roulette, craps, or other famous table games, the origins of today’s obsession with playing these famous games can be traced back centuries.

For the modern player, engaging in a few hands of poker or spinning the roulette wheel can be done from the comfort of their living room, thanks to the modern developments initiated by online casinos.

An online casino is basically a compact casino that runs either through instant play or downloadable software. Players are provided with access to games where they can wager money on the outcome, in the hope of winning and making a profit.

These days, the best online casinos are accessed by millions around the world with the ambition of landing a big win, or even a life-changing sum of cash.

Online casinos are ubiquitous and can be found all over the internet. They range from good to bad, large to small, and even specialist to generalised.

There are literally thousands currently in operation today, which are all in competition with one another. Isolating the best from the pack, therefore, can sometimes be a lot harder than many think. This is mostly due to what many consider the key factors for playing in the first place.

However, when it comes to the cold, hard facts best online casino sites come with, things tend to be more objective.

Software & Games

The best online casinos tend to offer players a high number of games, with the quality of these games underpinning the quality of the casino as a whole. If a player can identify a strong showing when it comes to slots, casino games, poker titles, bingo, lotteries and more, then it generally means that the casino is one to be reckoned with.

Generally, that is. There are casinos that are not considered as bringing anything special and have a plethora of games, but the quality of the titles is dubious.

A large number of casinos of this kind tend to mask the lack of modern and top-quality titles with hundreds or even thousands of older games.

These stand out to seasoned players who can see through the camouflaging, so to speak, but will not be as obvious to those who cannot differentiate.

In this case, and by process of elimination, a player can strike the name of a casino with this set-up off their list when trying to identify the best online casinos out there.

The best online casinos will stand out when we look at the software partners they work with. These are easily identifiable in their games.

Most if not all of the best online casinos will use software providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and BetSoft, which generally indicate their size and stature to players. Many of the other standout providers will also be notably present, and generally, power more than just slots.

Many online casino software providers also provide other aspects which contribute to a player’s experience. Live dealer casino games, poker software, general casino software, and more, to be precise.

There is always a direct relationship between the best casinos and the presence of the best software providers. It’s logical, really, as the licenses for these games tend to cost a considerable amount, which smaller casinos may not be able to afford.

These companies also have reputations to uphold, and will not work alongside just any old casino. There have been instances where many casinos use pirated software from these developers and get away with it, so make sure you don’t just use the software providers a casino works with in order to make a judgement on their reputation.


An online casino’s reputation should generally precede them. Many of the big players in the UK have histories that go back decades – or even sometimes over a century – due to having their roots in high street shops and traditional bookmakers.

As such, players know that when they play in these brands’ online casinos, they are getting quality and safety built into the general product.

Word of mouth and advertising campaigns launched by these online casinos also tend to say something about their intentions.

The more happy players they accrue means the more word of mouth and advertising from peer to peer they can avail of. When you factor in the monetary value of these points, you can see how these companies can further grow and expand, keeping ahead of the competition in the process.

These days, many online casino players tend to scour the internet for online casino reviews and customer feedback before they sign up to a site.

The best casino sites are not immune to criticism but are certainly at less risk of driving customers away with the way they operate.

This, once again, makes for more customers and larger monetisation which contributes to better games, better software and a stronger product.

Security, Customer Support & Payment Methods

The best internet casinos will often lead the pack when it comes to security. As reputation is everything in business, it only makes sense to do so, right? With hacking and fraud on the up, these companies invest in the most comprehensive software out there to protect their customers.

From firewall software to 128-bit SSL encryption, transactions are protected and players’ information is safeguarded to prevent these details from being intercepted.

This can really help an online casino site to stand out. While the majority of the top casino sites are based in countries with good reputations – and have obtained licenses from respectable authorities – there are strong incentives for only playing with these top-rated online casinos.

Another aspect of importance when it comes to choosing the best casinos is to consider their customer support and service functions.

The top casinos tend to have strong features when it comes to both, which can really make the difference. If you can speak to an educated and helpful customer support team – and make deposits and withdrawals in a number of different ways – why go anywhere else?

Top Online Casinos – In Conclusion

They say the cream rises to the top, and this is especially pronounced when it comes to online casinos. Not every site you play on will have a strong return when it comes to every aspect of online gaming, but the best of the best should have at least a solid and respectable grasp of these factors.

In the age of increased competition, there are very strong demands on these companies to provide something for everyone.

Where the best online casinos do well is both understanding this philosophy, and executing it to the best of their abilities.

These are tangible to the seasoned player. From the landing page of a top online casino, players should be able to get a feel for what it has to offer.

The site design, graphics, choice of games, sportsbook, customer service, payment options, and bonus structure should all look and be the part. The company itself will be notable, although there are many online casinos beginning to make big impressions with limited history.

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to testing a casino. Luckily, the best casinos allow players to navigate the site and test the software prior to committing to depositing. For players interested in finding only the best casinos, this can often be the best option.

Flash Casinos vs No Download Casinos

As you start uncovering the variety of web casinos, you’ll see that lots of them showcase different performances on different devices and offer various ways of access.

Not a long time ago, flash casinos were the only option online, along with downloadable versions of the casino package. To be able to access the casino, your computer needed to have the Flash plugin, and if you wanted to play offline you could have the casino software installed just like any other program.

Flash casinos and download casinos are still available today, but it seems like newer, more advanced versions of casino platforms have become more popular.

Instant casinos are the most popular today. Also known as flash casinos, they require no special software, no updates or specific packages.

They are easily accessed through the existing browser, and the only thing required is a stable internet connection. Whichever browser you use on a daily basis is enough to run your favourite instant casino, and the best thing about it is that the same applies to mobile devices.

Instant casino sites are mobile compatible, which means they can adapt to the size of your tablet or smartphone screen. Just type in your username and password and you can continue playing when you’re out of the house.

The performance doesn’t lack in quality if you’re playing on mobile, through a regular browser. This also eliminates the need to download anything and go through an installation process.

The newest technology applied in casino software development is the HTML5 code, which enables the instant-play format on both desktop computers and handheld devices. Since mobile play is taking over desktop online gambling, the existence of flash casinos is excellent practicality.

Online Casino Tips

Choosing among several brick-and-mortar casinos in your vicinity is probably not the most difficult task you can imagine, but try and select just one or few among a plethora of internet casinos currently in business and you will see what we are talking about.

And with each of these offering hundreds of attractive games to choose from, you could get a real headache in the process. But, there is no reason to worry as we have compiled a list of online casino tips designed to help you improve your chances of turning a profit in the final count.

Play at reputable casino sites

There is little point in taking advantage of special welcome offers and winning some cash in the casino if you then experience all sorts of problems when trying to withdraw the money you have earned fair and square, and this is why you need to ensure to only play at casinos with an impeccable reputation in the online gaming industry and those that happily payout winners.

This is the first thing you need to consider when selecting an online casino to join as it could have a major effect on your future gaming exploits.

Select web casinos with convenient and free banking methods
High banking fees and deposits and withdrawals that take long to be processed can not only eat into your profits, but also create additional issues, and you will quickly learn to appreciate gaming venues that offer a very good choice of payment and cashout solutions that also come free of charge.

By taking your gaming to these kinds of establishments, you will ensure you always get the best value for your wagers, as you don’t need banking costs to further increase the odds against you.

Make sure to check game payout percentages

Even if you are playing for fun and don’t care whether you will win or lose, you would still be better off playing the games that offer a realistic chance of winning in the long run.

The rule of thumb is that table games and Blackjack especially features the lowest house edge, meaning that average payout percentages are above 99%, whereas payouts differ a great deal among slot games.

And while impressive visuals and numerous bonus features may seemingly make certain video slots more attractive, you should also pay attention to the game’s payout percentage as there is little point in spending your time on titles with said payout lower than 95%.

Use online casino bonuses and online casino promotions wisely

Attractive online casino bonuses and online casino promotions can both improve your chances and seriously decrease them, so you need to be extra careful when selecting from a number of offers to opt in to.

Free spins and no deposit bonuses are always good for you due to the fact that you will not be risking your money, with guaranteed prizes tournaments also falling into this category.

But, if you decide to take advantage of match deposit bonuses, make sure to only accept those that come with wagering requirements that are not too difficult to complete or else your entire account balance will disappear during the process of trying to release the bonus funds.

The minimum legal age to enter a casino in the UK is 18.

Information on addiction and problem gambling

If you or someone you know might have a gambling problem, we recommend that you seek help:

BeGambleAware – gambling help & gambling addiction.

GamCare – Counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

RC PSYCH – (Royal College of Psychiatrists) Receive great help if you want to recover from problem gambling.

NHS Gambling Addiction – Get help if you think you’re addicted to gambling through this great resource.

UK Gambling Commission – Regulator of gambling activities in the UK.