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How to Choose the Best Crypto Casino

Choosing the best online crypto casino can be a challenge. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you out 🙂

Here are some things you should keep in mind when trying to decide on a crypto online casino:

Reputation and Trustworthiness: Research a potential casino’s history for customer complaints or security breaches. A secure and trustworthy crypto casino usually has solid online reviews, prompt payouts, and friendly support.

Licenses and Regulations: Find out if a well-known iGaming regulatory body like the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming, or the UK Gambling Commission licenses the casino. These licenses guarantee that the platform complies with strict regulatory standards, and just in case you run into problems, there’s always a governing authority that can be on your side.

Cryptocurrency Variety: Look for casinos that support various cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin is still king of the hill, having options like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc., never hurt anyone.

Choice of Games: Opt for platforms that offer diverse games from reputable software providers. You wouldn’t want to stick with just slots or tabletop games forever, would you?

Bonuses and Promotions: Read all the terms and conditions before accepting bonuses. The last thing you want is surprises later!

Security Features: Two-factor authentication (2FA), cold storage of funds, and SSL encryption are just a few examples of what to look for here.

Provably Fair Games: Casinos that operate provably fair games allow players to confirm fairness in each game played.

Customer Support: If something goes wrong with your account or one of their features malfunctions, then quality customer support can save your day

Withdrawal Speeds and Terms: Some platforms might take longer than others to process withdrawals. Be sure to check if there are any fees associated with this.

Privacy and Anonymity: Some users value anonymity more than others, so it’s worth noting whether a platform requires minimal personal information at signup.

The Evolution of Crypto Casinos: A New Era in Online Gambling

Crypto gambling

The first cryptocurrency to hit the stands was Bitcoin in 2009. A year later, in 2010, Bitcoin’s entry saw the first known Bitcoin gambling transaction occur. This set off a chain of events that would lead to the creation of online gambling platforms with unmet anonymity, security, and flexibility features.

Crypto gaming has numerous advantages over traditional gaming systems. For operators and players, it meant making transactions at low fees while keeping users’ identities hidden from prying eyes. With fast withdrawal times also guaranteed, it was only a matter of time before more online casinos began offering their services in cryptocurrencies.x

A crypto casino is any online casino that uses blockchain technology. This technology ensures that all transactions on the platform are secure and transparent through provable algorithms. It also allows players to confirm if game outcomes are fair, something not possible with traditional online casinos.

Understanding Crypto Transactions in Online Gambling

Cryptocurrency transactions for online gaming stand out in terms of secrecy, security, and speed.

Here is a simplified manner through which the process works:

Privacy: In transactions facilitated by these currencies, you would not be able to offer personal banking information. You would offer a wallet address, the details of which may not necessarily link to a personal identity, hence keeping one anonymous.

Security: The transactions are carried out through cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology keeps each transaction in the general ledger. The decentralized nature of a blockchain makes it very secure against fraud or any tempering by any unauthorized party. Each transaction is encrypted and can be authenticated by the network but can’t be altered.

Speed: Deposits and withdrawals in normal banking processes can take days. With crypto transactions, they are much faster. Deposits are normally instant, while the only time taken for withdrawals is waiting for the network confirmations and the casino’s processing time, which might take a few minutes to hours.

At the same time, with online gambling legality falling in a grey area in some jurisdictions, the privacy of crypto transactions is of particular appeal. Due to this, players don’t have to worry that they will encounter certain obstacles associated with banks blocking their transactions or with the national authorities being notified.

The Legal Landscape of Crypto Gambling

This presents a patchwork of regulations and attitudes worldwide, making the legal landscape of crypto gambling interesting yet complex for both operators and players.

Two main factors will determine the regulatory environment: the legality of cryptocurrency per se and gambling laws in any particular jurisdiction.

On the other end of the spectrum, countries like the UK and Malta have embraced the online gambling industry, including crypto-gambling, in their licensing frameworks with explicit requirements on the protection of the player and with provisions on the enforcement of AML directives.

This compares with jurisdictions in which online gambling, as well as the use of cryptocurrency, is strictly regulated or even banned, such as in many countries across Asia and individual states in the US. The US is an exception since it is generally legal to handle cryptocurrencies. Still, it is peculiar regarding the legality of online gambling since state laws vary, with over 30 states allowing online sports betting but the same attitude toward casino games in varying measures.

Among the most peculiar facts on crypto gambling is that this sector has so far been living in the grey areas of laws on gambling in many countries due to the lack of specific references to crypto assets. This ambiguity leaves space for crypto casinos, especially those without a stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) process, to operate in a grey area of regulations. Take, for instance, the UK Gambling Commission, which requires deposits made in crypto to be on the same grounds as in fiat, applying KYC checks and responsibilities for social gambling. However, regulating the platforms outside its licensing realm is challenging, illustrating the global challenge of overseeing crypto gambling activities.

Therefore, the legality of crypto gambling is also concerned with whether cryptocurrencies can be taken as ‘real’ currencies. The fact that many institutions, such as the IMF, do not regard crypto assets as legal tenders (except in certain cases that are now being seen with the recent move by El Salvador) leaves the categorization and regulatory approach in crypto gambling open-ended.

And so, in territories with uncertain or changing regulatory environments, the actions of the decentralized gambling platforms and casinos, formally licensed under more liberal laws, like that of Curaçao, seem pretty alluring.

Another popular license for a crypto casino would be the e-gaming license out of Curaçao. This license offers an easier application process and more global authorization, although less stringent compliance requirements may apply than in the UK or Australia.

This evolving landscape means that players and operators must tread carefully as they navigate myriad regulations that differ hugely from one part of the world to another. It seems, however, that the consensus is that the legal dynamics of online gambling will change with crypto in different ways depending largely on the position and approach of individual countries to the matters of online gambling and cryptocurrencies. That will present the players – especially those of the liberal regions such as Canada or the United Kingdom, where the regulation of online gambling is more openly done – with the choice between domestically licensed venues and offshore ones of this kind.

Spotlight on Popular Crypto Casino Games

Crypto casinos have entirely transformed the gambling scene with multitudinous games that appeal to myriad tastes and preferences. Of the great assortment of these offerings, a few have topped the charts and captured players with the excitement of big wins and fun gameplay.

Below are some of the most popular games in crypto casinos, attracting many players from all over the world.


Slots remain the champions in terms of traditional and crypto casinos. Their simplicity, the allure of huge jackpots, and wide-ranging themes make them punters’ favorite choice. Crypto slots enhance the experience with provably fair algorithms, ensuring transparency and trust in every spin. From classic three-reel slots to complex video slots with multiple paylines and more bonus features, there is a slot out there for every kind of player.


Poker, a strategy skill game, has found a good following in crypto casinos. For both seasoned players and beginners, online forums offer several poker variations, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud. Crypto poker rooms will allow players to indulge in tournaments and cash games while bringing in all the advantages of blockchain technology, such as quick payouts and anonymized play.


The simplicity of roulette has guaranteed its elegant place among the favorite casino games forever. This assures the players of provably fair systems with more confidence in enjoying their experience of viewing the spin of the ball and the place it lands. And you bet whether you prefer it in American, European, or French to make your best in the most secure environment available at a crypto casino.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games bring the real casino experience to the player’s screen, combining the convenience and mechanics of online gambling with the buzz of live play. Crypto casinos represent various live dealer options, such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc. These games are broadcast in HD and held in professional studios, and they allow punters to interact live with other gamblers and live dealers.

The use of cryptocurrencies is, hence, another feature that facilitates an experience. It allows punters to make instant transactions, thus making it easier to focus on the game.

Choosing the Right Cryptocurrency for Online Gambling

Depending on your needs, it can make a difference in your gaming experience before plunging into online gambling with cryptocurrencies.

The most popular cryptocurrencies within the online casino sphere are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, each offering distinct advantages and considerations.

Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Easier to use: More commonly used at online casinos.
  • Safety: Oldest cryptocurrency with powerful security features.
  • Value and Anonymity: High privacy and anonymity in transactions.
  • Volatile: The price can vary a lot.
  • The Cost of Transaction: The fees are high when the network is congested.
Ethereum (ETH)
  • Faster Transactions: Faster transactions improve the deposit and withdrawal process.
  • Broad Acceptance: Many online casinos accept it now.
  • Makes things harder for newbies: Smart contract functionality can be difficult to understand.
  • Gas fees may be variable and have high transaction fees.
Litcoin (LTC)
  • Faster Cheap Transfers: Ideal for smaller, frequent purchases.
  • Inherited Bitcoin’s security + efficiency.
  • Growing acceptance by e-casinos
  • This may lower liquidity/volatility
  • This one has less anonymity than bitcoin

Crypto Casinos: Myths and Realities

Myth 1: Crypto Casinos Are Not Regulated

Reality: The laws and regulations governing crypto casinos can be quite convoluted and differ from place to place. However, in many instances, crypto casinos operate within the confines of similar licenses held by their more traditional online counterparts. A credible crypto casino will usually be licensed by well-known authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Government of Curaçao. Such licenses oblige the casino to standards regarding fairness to players, player protection, and responsible gaming.

Myth 2: Crypto Gambling Is TOTALLY Anonymous

Reality: Although cryptocurrency transactions guarantee some anonymity, unlike traditional banking methods, full anonymity is far from true. Famous crypto casinos are widely reported to comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, which was introduced to observe the laws against money laundering. This means that at one point or another, gamblers will have to undergo a process of identity verification and are thus not anonymous.

Myth 3: Cryptos Are Not Real Money, So There Are No Taxes on Winnings

Reality: The tax implications of using cryptocurrencies in gambling depend on the country’s laws. In many jurisdictions, profits from gambling are taxes imposed by most governments, and profits made in cryptocurrencies would make up one. A tax professional in your country is essential to provide the appropriate information and tax obligations, as tax authorities have increasingly recognized cryptocurrencies as valuable assets.

Myth 4: Crypto Casinos Offer Limited Games

Reality: In the main, games available at crypto casinos may include a variety similar to standard online casinos: slots, table games, live dealer games, and sometimes even sports betting. The game selection does not exclude the use of cryptocurrencies.

Myth 5: Crypto Gambling Is More Addictive Than Traditional Online Gambling

Reality: The risk of gambling addiction is either equal to or higher than with crypto gambling compared to traditional online gambling. It is not the nature of currency but the activity in and of itself. Responsibility in gaming is paramount, irrespective of the currency used to make bets: fiat money or crypto. Several crypto casinos promote responsible gambling and offer their players various tools and sources to help manage gaming habits.

Responsible Gambling

So, consider gambling as a form of entertainment and never use it as a source of earning money. Set clear-cut limits for yourself, and if you have an idea that you might have a dangerous gambling habit, don’t be afraid to get help. Most of the reputed crypto casinos promote a sense of responsibility while gambling and offer the tools that could assist you in keeping your betting habits in control responsibly.

For a more detailed inspection of each of those casinos, including detailed reviews and a general guide on how to start with crypto gambling, follow along on CasinoMary. Overall, it is our purpose to present you with all the necessary details so that all the decisions you make are informed. And, as a result, to provide a safe, fun experience online when you are gambling.



Is it possible to play anonymously at crypto casinos?

There's a higher level of anonymity with which gamblers could play compared to a normal online casino. Although little personal identification is needed, a reputable casino, in order to comply with anti-money laundering requirements, they might request some level of KYC (know your customer) checks.

Can I gamble with cryptocurrencies if I'm new to digital currencies?

Yes, but the first thing is to familiarize oneself with how cryptocurrencies work. Setting up a secure crypto wallet, knowledge of how to make transactions, and security measures in place that need to be undertaken for the protection of assets. Many crypto casinos offer guides and customer support to help new users.

What Is a Provably Fair Game?

A provably fair game is a concept used by the gambling activities hosted through the blockchain technology that allows players to verify the fairness of the outcome presented by a game. This system uses cryptographic algorithms to ensure that this does not happen - both parties (player and casino) remain in the blind, and the process is made transparent and trustable.

How Fast Are Withdrawals in Crypto Casinos?

Crypto casinos have the benefits of fast withdrawals. Usually, with cryptos, the withdrawals are processed instantly or in a few hours, which is in stark contrast to up to several days at online traditional casinos.

Are My Winnings Taxed?

Taxation of winnings from crypto casinos will depend on your country's tax laws on cryptocurrencies and winnings in gambling. Often, the category of winnings from gambling is considered taxable income under tax authorities. Consultations with tax experts in this regard will not be such a bad idea.

What Are the Risks of Playing at Crypto Casinos?

It is quite an interesting business, but not risk-free. These involve the volatility of the cryptocurrencies themselves, the possibility of regulatory changes to cryptocurrencies, security risks, and chances of scam platforms entering the markets. To reduce those, go for casinos with a solid security protocol, take care of your wallet, and keep in touch with the current legal status of crypto gambling in your region.