5 Creepy Casino Mysteries Of All Time

Casino Mysteries

Everyone has some creepy stories to tell; you know, they heard some spooky noises when trying to sleep in the dark, something fell off the wall without explanation, or maybe something unexplainable involving a relative or friend occurred. We’ve all heard creepy stories, but what about creepy stories (aka casino mysteries) concerning casinos?

In this article, we’re going to delve into the world of casino mysteries. What are the creepiest and weirdest casino mysteries of all time? Let’s find out.

The Disappearance of Agnes Le Roux

Let’s start with a real humdinger of a casino mystery. Agnes Le Roux was a young woman and daughter of casino-owner parents in France. Her parents owned a casino named Palais de la Mediterranee, situated in Nice on the famous French Riviera.

In 1977, Agnes inherited the casino and decided to sell up, pocketing herself a fortune. A buyer in the form of Jean-Dominique Fratoni was lined up, and everything appeared to be going to plan. However, working with lawyer Jean-Maurice Agnelet, who would assist with the sale and transfers of the funds and who was also reportedly involved romantically with Miss Le Roux, Agnes went missing. She was last seen driving out of the area of Nice, where the casino was located.

As far as the lawyer is concerned, Agnes had left a note asking him to finish the dealings alone. After some time, Agnelet was found to have transferred the sale funds to an account in the name of his unnamed mistress. Agnelet was accused of murdering Agnes Le Roux, though this was never proved, and a body has never been found. She was last seen in October of 1977 and remains missing to this day.

The Haunted Slot Machine

Back in the 1990s, there was the case of the haunted slot machine. In 1997, strange reports started emerging from the Silver Moon Casino, which was located in Las Vegas, about a slot machine that seemingly had a mind of its own. Players using the machine started to alert casino staff to strange goings on, whereby the machine would malfunction, displaying flickering lights, freezing would occur, while freaky whispers could be heard too.

Some reports cited a ghost-like presence next to them, insisting that they continue playing, though it is likely just an exaggeration. Before long, it was well known that the slot machine was “cursed” and that those who played it would be doomed to lose. It is said that the staff of the casino replaced the machine, though the occurrences continued. After a while, the casino became a thing of the past and closed its doors for good.

Las Vegas Car Bombing

Las Vegas Car Bombing

Another casino mystery from the 1970s is that of the Las Vegas car bombing incident, which centred around two men, Bill Coulthard and Benny Binion.

Benny Binion was the leaseholder of a casino known as the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. Coulthard was a stake owner of the area where the casino was situated and, after some aggravation, refused to renew the casino lease which Binion held. The lease was due to expire and Binion was naturally unhappy about the prospect of losing his casino; it therefore stands to reason that he became a chief suspect of the crime that soon occurred.

Not long after the pair had become enemies of the lease dispute, Coulthard was killed by a bomb when entering his car one day. One of the most obvious intentional killings possible, there was a murder investigation, of which Binion was the main suspect, though the case against him was never finalized and his part in the crime was never proved, though there are many who still believe that Benny Binion was behind the crime.

The Disappearance of Jean Moore

The Disappearance of Jean Moore

Jean Moore and her long-term partner Al Henderson lived together in Apple Valley, California. In April of 1992, the pair went on vacation to Laughlin, Nevada, which is said to be a slightly less hectic, smaller version of Las Vegas. Essentially it is a watered-down Sin City. On April 9th, Al supposedly dropped Jean off at one of the casinos, so she could play some slots. He then allegedly went to find parking, which took a while before he was eventually able to leave his car with the valet. He then met up with Jean in the casino and handed her the valet ticket before leaving to attend to some business.

The story goes that the couple had arranged to meet back up a few hours later. Apparently, Al failed to get a cab outside of the casino, so he decided to go back in, less than 15 minutes after he’d parted ways with Jean. He looked for her in the slots areas, expecting to see her playing her favourite machine, but she was nowhere to be seen. He reportedly sat and played the machines for around 30 minutes, expecting Jean to return, but she did not.

After looking at their hotel and then returning to the casino to search for his partner later in the day, Jean was still nowhere to be seen. Over the coming days and weeks, a missing person case was launched, though Jean was never found. She is still missing as of 2023.

Many people, including Jean’s children, consider Al to be a chief suspect in the case, speculating that he may have done something to her on the trip and then covered his tracks, citing the fact that he was often seen being rude and unpleasant towards her during the course of their relationship. Al Henderson passed away in 2001. He continues to be the primary suspect in Jean’s disappearance.

The Death of Terri McClure

Terri McClure was a big gambling fan, and in 1983, she attended her son Tim’s wedding in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. As a gambler, she was thrilled that the wedding party would be gambling a little as part of the celebrations. After playing in a casino, Tim reportedly walked Terri to her car in the parking lot. She had planned to return home to Reno that night.

The next night, Tim and his new wife had made plans to check in on Terri at her home in Reno, which was around an hour away. When they arrived, they realized that she was not there, and it appeared that she hadn’t been back.

Two nights later, Terri McClure’s body was found in the parking lot of the Carson City Nugget Casino. Her purse had seemingly been stolen, but not her jewellery, which was considered odd. The case has never been solved, though Tim is considered to be a chief suspect, as he subsequently benefitted from Terri’s life insurance policy.

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