How to Become a Casino High Roller – Gambling Like a Whale

How to Become a Casino High Roller

If you’ve ever fantasized about being treated like royalty in a casino, then this high-speed guide is for you. I’ll go over the ins and outs of becoming a high roller. My name is Mary, and I used to work as a croupier at casinos. Now, I’m the founder of CasinoMary.

Let’s get started on your journey to becoming a high-roller!

What does it mean to be a high roller?

When someone says “high roller” in a casino, they mean someone who doesn’t just spend loads of money but someone who spends loads of money often. This guide will help you understand what actually qualifies someone for that shiny title and how much money we’re talking about here.

Number Threshold: The number is going to change all the time depending on where you are and what casino you’re at. However, as an example, casinos like to see people bring $100k to the table or more.

Betting Behavior: High rollers bet big on single hands or spin at tables while risking thousands each time they play. This makes them eligible for the best comps from casinos, such as free luxury accommodations.

VIP treatment: Casinos have dedicated games exclusively for high rollers before anyone else knows about them. They also get personalized service from concierge staff members and invitations to special events. These rewards are sweetened by how much revenue these customers can bring in.

Psychological/Social Factors: Most whales love taking risks and being known as major players at high-roller casinos. Not only do they get attention from casino hosts, but management gets involved with these players, too, because they keep things running smoothly financially.

Steps towards Becoming a High Roller

Having lots of money isn’t enough if you want to be called a “high roller.” It seems like a lofty goal, but it’s actually within your reach if you use strategy to attract the attention of hosts.

Here are three steps I think will help you become a high roller and get all those juicy benefits.

1. Start with Big Deposits: Make sure to be seen by casino hosts by making significant deposits into your account. Obviously, this doesn’t mean blow cash for no reason; just show that you can play at that level .

2. Bet Large and often: Only betting big once isn’t going to do much to help make you a high roller. High rollers bet large sums often over time. The more consistent you are in your large bets, the faster you’ll become one of them.

3. Sign up for the VIP Programs: Pretty much every casino runs loyalty programs or VIP systems that keep track of how much you’re betting and give back what’s proportionate to your efforts. Going through the sign-up process can lead to special attention and exclusive rewards reserved just for the high rollers out there.

4. Make Friends with the Casino Staff: It’s always good practice to be nice to anyone you meet in life, but when it comes to gambling at a high roller casino, it may make all the difference. If you have a great relationship with hosts and staff, they’ll go out of their way to treat you like royalty. Let them know what games you’d like to play and how you expect your experience to go so they can help achieve it.

5. Find the Right Games: Not all games are created equally – some are made specifically for high stakes, while others aren’t worth playing if money is your goal. Games such as baccarat, blackjack, and certain types of poker allow for big bets and are popular among serious players. By going this route, your chances of being noticed as someone who means business go way up.

6. Know What You Can Get & Ask For It: Be aware of what perks casinos offer so that you can negotiate them from the get-go. This could include better rates on free things (comps), loss rebates if lady luck isn’t on your side during a session, or even rule modifications in some cases! Having a clear understanding of what’s available will significantly enhance your overall experience as a high roller.

7. Manage Your Money Smartly: Just because you’re looking to bet big doesn’t mean that finances should be thrown out the window. Always stick to a budget that won’t put you in danger of losing everything, and don’t forget to come up with a strategy for when you’re winning or losing. Responsible gambling is key, even if the stakes are high.

The Advantages of Being a High Roller

The casino world has a habit of spoiling whales who are those referred to as high rollers. They enjoy access to a range of exclusive perks and VIP treatments that take the gambling experience another level beyond what regular players experience. These benefits are designed in such a way that they provide the services and recognition that elevates their status both inside and outside of the casino.

Enhanced Bonuses and PromotionsAverage players would never be able to access the exclusive bonuses available to high rollers. These can include larger welcome bonuses, higher percentage deposit matches, and unique promotions tailored to high-income play.
Personalized Customer ServiceMany casinos assign a personal account manager or host to high rollers to ensure they receive top-notch service on their visits.
Higher Betting Limits and Better Game ConditionsHigh rollers often enjoy higher table limits which allow them to make larger bets than normal players. In some cases, casinos might even tailor the gaming rules slightly to favour high rollers.
Exclusive Access to Events and TournamentsPublic participation is forbidden by invitation only. High rollers get access to events with huge prize pools and opportunities to network with other VIPs during social events like parties and dinners.
Luxury Accommodations and Travel BenefitsHigh rollers often enjoy free nights in luxury suites and chauffeur-driven rides around town, all expenses paid by the hotels they visit.
Special Financial ConsiderationsHigh rollers can often withdraw more money than regular players, experience faster transactions, and enjoy lower wagering requirements on bonuses. Popular payment methods used by high rollers are also customized just for them.
Gifts and ExtrasIt is common for high rollers to receive gifts from casinos as a token of appreciation, ranging from high-end electronics to exclusive invites to movie premieres.


The life of a casino high roller is filled with many luxurious and exclusive benefits. Some say that it is the champagne lifestyle worth living. Though this status requires significant financial resources to attain and maintain, casinos seem to always find ways to make this pursuit worthwhile.

Negotiating with Casinos: Tips for High Rollers

High rollers will tell you that the ability to negotiate with any casino can significantly enhance one’s gambling experience and potential benefits. Below, we share some strategies for securing better terms, such as higher betting limits or loss rebates tailored specifically for high rollers.

1. Create a relationship with the hosts. Before trying to get any deals or make negotiations, it’s essential to build a strong bond with your casino host. They have the power to give you special packages and decide if you’re worth helping out. Regular visits and consistent play will do this job for you.

2. Tell them what you want: Be honest about what you expect from your casino experience! If you need higher table limits, specific game rules, or even loss rebates, this will allow the host to know exactly what they need to provide for you. Tell them your gambling budget, too.

3. Use Your Loyalty: If you’ve been coming to the casino regularly, use that as an advantage while negotiating better perks and deals. Show your contribution by mentioning how much money you’ve spent there in total, and remind them that they’d be losing lots of cash if they lost a player like yourself. This will help make it easier for them to offer better terms for a high-value client like yourself.

4.Be Specific with Your Perks: If there’s something specific that interests you such as complimentary stays in luxury suites or access to special events, don’t be afraid to ask! High rollers often receive these perks but asking might just get more than just those benefits alone! You could also ask about dining experiences, show tickets, etc.

5. Talk Loss Rebates: If the stakes are super high during gameplay, then I suggest negotiating a loss rebate deal before starting! These types of arrangements can have the casino offering you some of your money back after losing so that all isn’t gone after a certain amount of losses occur. Make sure both parties are clear on these terms before playing though.

6. Understand their Limits: Negotiations will help you a lot, but it’s important to remember that the casino can only do so much for you. Not all requests can be fulfilled and your goal is to build a professional relationship with them, not an exploitable one. Be professional regardless of how the talks go.

7. Regularly Keep Tabs on Your Deals: The benefits you receive as a high roller can change over time. That’s why it’s important for you to consistently review your arrangements with the casino. This is so that they aren’t giving better deals to other people without you knowing and so that any changes in casino policy or your own gambling habits are seen as soon as possible.

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