What You Need to Know About Gambling on Twitch

Gambling on Twitch

It seems that technologies and all kinds of online entertainment are evolving more and more every day. Yesterday, we were swept by Facebook and YouTube, while today, we can’t get enough of Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

Wait for a second. Do you even know what Twitch is?

We get it. Not every new social media platform is worth noticing until it becomes popular. But in this case, you should start paying more attention to Twitch to have fun online.

What Is Twitch?

Let’s say you are not interested in the dictionary definition of the word “twitch” (just in case, it means “to jiggle”).

Twitch is a live streaming platform close to Youtube Live, where millions of viewers watch stream videos for fun and entertainment. You can find categories like eSports, Food and Drink, Art, Music, Educational Content, and others. But nothing has raised much controversy and has become as popular as gambling on Twitch.

Finding a casino to play was never easy, either online or offline. That’s why Twitch captured players’ attention globally. Streamers can chat and interact with others online and keep getting views (of course, more views mean more sponsors, affiliates, and more money).

If you are about to ask why people keep watching streamers gambling on Twitch? What’s the fun in that? The answer is pretty simple. Why do you keep watching TikTok and YouTube, especially, more often than not, weird videos with cats, silly people, or funny stuff?

Once it gets your attention, stopping is almost impossible.

Can You Gamble on Twitch?

Twitch has more than 150 channels where streamers broadcast live gambling. The most famous streamers play Slots, eSports, and Roulette games.

What is interesting, as with many other fun activities, is that once the government finds that you can make some money, it is ready to stop it.

Twitch is not an exception. Recently, it released an anti-gambling policy to respond to negative reactions worldwide. In several countries, people are signing petitions online to close the platform, but as far as we know, players can still enjoy it.

You don’t have to worry, however. Streamers can broadcast their gambling activity if they don’t violate Twitch’s terms and conditions. But this can be tricky for them. Some countries have rules and regulations that fine people for violating anti-gambling legislation.

One of the most famous gamblers on Twitch, Felix “xQc,” was getting millions of views broadcasting slots. It didn’t end well. He came with an announcement about his gambling addiction and apologized to his audience for having a bad influence online.

Hey, but if we don’t go too deep into details- gambling on Twitch is a lot of fun. Let’s see the fuss and why it’s getting more views and attention daily.

Rules to Know for Gambling on Twitch

The 30-minute rule

Twitch policy allows only 30 minutes for streamers to play live and viewers to watch streams. This is a part of their rules and conditions. After 30 minutes, you must switch from live gaming to other content because the streamer can’t continue broadcasting. It’s good to have at least 30 minutes, then nothing.

The age check

The biggest problem for online platforms is that verifying users’ age is practically impossible. Kids, teenagers, and other audience can easily cheat their answers and watch inappropriate content.

If you are viewing gambling videos on Twitch, you must provide your age to watch live streams. Depending on your country of residence, the age can vary from 18 to 21, sometimes 19.

If you are a streamer, you have to use a warning message that will pop up when users want to watch your gambling videos. It can protect you if a minor intends to see your broadcasts and save you from fines or other penalties. Let’s say you must follow these rules, but you can’t control the rest. Nobody will ban you from Twitch if a minor watches your video and you don’t know about it. Because, obviously, how could you have known it? In the end, it all sums up the fact that you, as a streamer or viewer, can’t watch gambling videos if you are underage.

Pay attention to your background

Streamers cannot promote their gambling on Twitch with a casino in the background. A casino-like set can be a fair reason to ban your account, even if it’s not a real casino.

Maybe this seems a good set related to your content, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Why Players Choose to Gamble on Twitch

Learn from the best streamers

Many casino players with experience have started their streams on Twitch. This is a great opportunity for UK players who want to learn tips and tricks. You can see the game in action and note streamers’ different strategies to win.

Can you imagine some of the most popular Poker, Roulette, or Blackjack players sharing their secrets live with millions of users? This is too good to be true, but Twitch made it possible for everyone. Today, you can find several channels about gambling on Twitch and become the best gambler.

Who knows, maybe you are the next big streamer?

Read gambling-related reviews

The best part about Twitch is that you can chat live with other users. It means you get fast answers and don’t have to wait several days for someone to see your message.

Forget about reading hundreds of reviews online to find the answer to your question. Gamblers from Twitch will help you with up-to-date reviews and the best advice. You can chat about online casinos and other players’ reviews and recommendations.

Betting on Twitch

Apparently, you can bet on streamers competing for different titles. The fun part is the difference between betting on eSports at casinos and Twitch. Twitch uses a unique AI that monitors the game and creates odds and results.

While eSports tournaments have time restraints, Twitch has endless streams that continuously go live. Today, the most famous titles to bet on Twitch are Fortnite betting, Apex, CSGO, League of Legends, and Dota. Unfortunately, not many websites accept bets on Twitch, but this will surely change shortly.

Some players don’t like to bet on Twitch because streamers always have the risk of cheating. But what gambling online doesn’t involve risks?

Make Money by Gambling on Twitch

All social media platforms are popular because users can make money online. Twitch is not an exception. The more traffic and subscriptions the streamer has, the more money he can make.

Where does the money come from?

Streamers can get people to pay for subscriptions, earn money from a casino for sponsored content, work with affiliates, and much more. Some streamers who gamble on Twitch can make between $50$ and $100,000$ per month. This can seem incredible, but some streamers got rich with live broadcasting and have up to $15 million.

The current trend is to make money playing eSport tournaments and streaming them on Twitch. Many official eSports websites are open for streaming and keep getting more views and users, which is a win-win situation.

In Conclusion: Should You Gamble on Twitch?

If there is one thing you can be sure about social media platforms: you never know which one will be a hit. When Instagram appeared on the market, no one could have predicted how much money bloggers would make online.

Twitch is new and needs time to improve its features, but it has already gained much attention. Online casinos are becoming more popular and seem like a great entertainment niche for players. There will always be a question of ethics regarding online platforms because governments don’t know how to regulate and keep up with innovations. However, players will continue having fun online.

All negative parts aside, Twitch is great for building a community of people with the same like-minded people. If you play yourself, you can watch and learn professional tricks and avoid making huge mistakes. You can even ask different players or streamers questions and instantly chat with them online. What can be better than building a connection and friends from the same community of gaming enthusiasts?

Overall, Twitch is not worse than YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok. You can watch, bet, make friends, or make money as a streamer all in one place. People need a place to gamble, relax, enjoy the fun, and not stress out about their life problems.

Well, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity – try it out today. Open your computer or phone, log in on Twitch, and browse for the perfect streamer. You never know until you try.

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